Annoying Thing of The Day: People Who Do This In Stores

Here’s a great idea: when you go grocery shopping, just buy the stuff you want and leave. If you happen to meet someone you know, just say “Hi!”, then STFU and be on your way.

OMG I haven't seen you in forever! Let's stand in everyone's way and talk about our annoying kids!

19 thoughts on “Annoying Thing of The Day: People Who Do This In Stores”

  1. I do this and i don‘t even have kids plus i don‘t know anyone.

  2. “And lets act like we are the ones being put out by the people who a waiting for us to move. ” It’s as sure as getting a shopping cart that pulls to the left or right.

  3. Sheesh. I just step right to them and maintain eye contect to one (usually loudest, sometimes just nearest) of them while keeping stone face. Works. Every. Time.

  4. You intimidate women in stores?
    Get help.

  5. So you sociopaths can’t say “excuse me” or any polite thing to pass? You gotta come and complain here?

  6. I intimidate everyone if necessary, to be honest.

  7. Breaking wind will get most people to move. Bu, be sure to say “excuse me”.

  8. Or,”Pardon moi”.

  9. This is a perfect example of why major employers will only hire women
    for the lowest tasks, they yap too much to be productive.

  10. As if you have every been productive in your life.

  11. I once got 3 holes in one the same day. You can trust me, everyone knows I never lie.

  12. C’mon now. Complaining is what people do on the internet.

    In person, they probably do nothing at all.

  13. Financial holes…

  14. With what? Your browser history?

  15. I took money from China and many other countries buy using multiple LLC’s that funneled money to my family over a period of years. I’m senile and other unelected people are running my administration. But even with that I will probably get elected in a shame election just like last time. America is great!

  16. Where is proof? Yet there is proof of sexoffender Don Orange’s businesses in China. Ouch.

  17. Pretty sure there is an invisible laptop orbiting Mars proving it all, right?

  18. @Symphony of Destruction, I think you’ll find people aren’t intimidated by kissless basement wizards, although they they may be put off by your body odour and generally unpleasant demeanour.

  19. You are probably right about demeanor even if you are wrong about everything else. Thanks.

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