12 Types of Facebook Users

19 thoughts on “12 Types of Facebook Users”

  1. There is another type of user, just like I am: the non-existent one.

  2. I miss the facebook-activist

  3. better they write it on the net than tell me about it – this way i dont have to listen to all the shit as i can just skip reading it :D

  4. What about the users that have to share their opinions on politics and politicians, thinking they are going to change your mind on matters?

  5. :( LOL

  6. facebook sux they sell your soul on the internet

  7. How about the GuiltMonger: posts those annoying “Post/Comment/Like if you have a heart, Ignore if you’re Condensed Hitler In A Can” type messages. The Religious version usually posts artwork of the Crucifixion, and wants you to help Spam others with it, and if you ignore it, you’re going to Hell in the next few seconds.

  8. I thought I was the only one outside The System.

  9. @KINGKLASH spamming others from facebook is Hell. facebook is the work and tool of the Devil. Beware!

  10. Can’t help but notice the “Like us on Facebook!” popup @ bottom right. Et tu, eatliver?

  11. The hyenas are everywhere. Even on instant messengers.

  12. Ouch!

  13. I can’t stop laughing!!!

  14. When I used to be on facebook my friends were either lurkers or hyenas. I was more annoyed with the lurkers though as they would not comment on a photo but see them in person and they insist on knowing all the details resulting in that photo being posted. Hell, a private message wouldn’t hurt.

  15. Im a Lurker/Hyena Hyrbrid

  16. its so true but i couldnt find where i belong cuz am abit of everything

  17. What’s “Facebook”?

  18. Don Kolyuon Johnson stole my comment

  19. Along the same vein, how about Mr. Reluctant. – A guy talked into joining fb by a woman in his life. Feels the urge to go on once in a while to make sure he’s not missing anything big. Realizes he’s not missing anything and goes back into hibernation for another couple of months.

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