Client Emails That Every Designer Hates To Receive




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  1. Anonymous May 26, 2015

    My favorite was an interview where they said, sternly, “Our policy is to use a new vendors first project with us as their unpaid interview”.
    I asked how many of their current vendors had passed their first interview and they said my temperament was unsuitable.

    • I had a project once that was through some marketing chick. it was sth like this:
      Chick: Here’s my concept and sources
      I send project to her
      Chick: Sorry, my manager doesn’t like YOUR concept. Here are his changes
      I send project to her
      Chick: Sorry, but company’s boss didn’t accept YOUR concept. here are changes
      I send project to her, get payed and don’t answer anything from them. Good thing they didn’t started with janitor or supplier ideas and move up

    • Another one: company asked me to do a poster with some elegant lady from stock but they didn’t liked the outcome. Later i saw their poster made by competition with some ****** model.

  2. I, as a designer and engineer myself, admit that a lot of my colleagues are downright fame-hungry whores who don’t even care about clients.
    1) Always make a fixed price before starting the work. If you’re experienced enough, you can calculate the time.
    2) Do exactly what the client wants or more if you finished earlier than expected. Your designing for them, not for yourself.
    3) Not everyone knows the branch terms like Lorem ipsum, as you won’t know everything about the client’s branch.
    4) You CAN find free photo’s to use. Lots of photographers even insist on it.
    5) Give your clients to-the-point, short and honest answers.
    6) Don’t be an ass.

    • I thought you were being serious, but then I saw point 6 and realised that you were merely being sarcastic. Or are you really being an ass? I can’t tell…

    • 4a) Learn how to use apostrophes.

    • Also a designer May 27, 2015

      “You CAN find free photo’s to use. Lots of photographers even insist on it”
      It really depends on the sort of image you’re after, i’ve wasted hours finding a free image for a client only for to say they don’t like it.

    • IHopeThisIsSarcasm May 28, 2015

      I really hope that you’re kidding…. If you’re not, you’re not as experienced as you think you are.

    • Anonymous June 19, 2022

      you’re and your, hm?

  3. At a place where I was the “Hardware Engineer” I was always being told that I needed to stay more focused as the boss leapt me from project to project, often several in an hours time. I needed focus?

    • You had enough time to finish each project in between. I am very disappointed.
      By the way, I have this work here to be done. Look into the briefing and see what you can do.

    • Boss Again May 31, 2015

      Oh yeah, Josh, I am sleeping with your wife.

    • Anonymous June 1, 2015

      It’s amazing how many companies are run that way. The important thing is to decide whether it’s worth staying at that job. There are no resume builders in a situation like that.

  4. Google Drive is waaay better than Dropbox. Just saying.

  5. Anonymous May 27, 2015

    As a self-employed design engineer, I learned that 10% of clients caused 90% of my needless pain and fired them at the completion of the project. They never knew they were fired, I was always just too dang busy to start a new job….
    Sadly, it took me 15 years to learn this, and a great deal of pain!

  6. Bubba and Joe Bob May 28, 2015

    Our box of crayons and butcher paper are all we need.

  7. Don’t designers collect up front? Who would send a design and then say, “please be an honest business person and pay for the work done that you now have in your possession” (I wonder why my accounts receivables is so high?)

  8. i think im getting old June 10, 2015

    you talk about web site designers?

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