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  1. The first devices for creation and playback of filmed animation appeared in various European countries. Soon after, the US also became a major originator of animation/cartoons (i.e., “anime”).
    This graphic makes no sense.

    • Are you a legit retard or just pretending not to understand the joke here?

    • P.S. I’m just asking’

    • It’s a failed joke, Sport. That fact went over your head, I guess.

    • @Meh Here, educate yourself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anime

    • The Logical Psycho March 7, 2017

      Meh…yup you ARE a genuine retard. Anime is the abbreviation for animation in japanese culture, no doubt but the unique style that puts the anime we know in a class appart in terms of art, animation, quality, sound and almost everything else, comes from Manga. Manga, if you’re too stupid to know, is the japanese for “Painted Stories” which means comics in modern standards, the same style and quality you get in anime was actually originated from manga, which predated the 16th century AD.
      So, my intelligently ignorant friend, if the European’s would not have created the first device you speak of, it would have been soon created because the actual device first created by the japanese was only after 2 years WITHOUT any interaction with the western world.
      Now my friend coming to your point of the major originator thing, the fact is true, but not on the basis of quality but sheer quantity, USA has more inhabited land than Europe and Japan, meaning more consumers. Otherwise if you are research driven, why not search for an american animation movie and Japanese animation movie of the same year and see the difference.

    • The Logical Psycho March 7, 2017

      @Meh educate yourself even more
      @Lolfosor High five buddy!

    • Kauf Buch March 7, 2017

      I’m sure “meh” is VELLY SOLLY now….
      OR: maybe “meh” is screaming “that’s not funny!”
      because it’s shorter than saying “that’s cultural apropriation!!1!!eleventy!”.

  2. My, the weeaboos are out in force. And oh so easily triggered.
    You can define “anime” however you like. I define it as in the original Japanese. Mebbe because I live in Japan, as I have for the majority of my life. (Hello from Tokyo!)
    Here, “anime” means animation. Cartoons. Yes, Hello Kitty and Dragon Ball and Sazae-san and all your favorite cartoons made over here. Also Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, The Flintstones, dancing clay raisins in commercials, experimental indie stuff, any animation or cartoons. (In the same way that “manga” means comics. Comic strips. Comic books. Funny pages. Garfield, Kobo-chan, funny ukiiyoe prints, Beetle Bailey, those droll New Yorker panels, Astro-Boy, Superboy, Peanuts… all manga.)
    Hey, you just learned something, weeaboos! Amazing what happens when you step away from the Sailor Moon figurines and look at the real world.

    • The Logical Psycho March 8, 2017

      So you’re now Japanese… well ok…where do you live in Tokyo? you’re either my neighbor or an american douchbag who sleeps with a waifu.

    • Yeah, Chuckles, this is the place to give out my address to a self-labeled “Psycho” confused by capitalization and apostrophes. : )
      I can tell you that I just did some lovely shopping at Tokyo Supermarket. Lots of those, so you’ll never pin me down. Ha!
      Be good, and enjoy the day –

    • That’s Tokyu Supermarket. Not Tokyo Supermarket. (Please go to sleep, spell check.)

  3. national internationalist March 8, 2017

    I think you’re missing the point, let us not to be halted by semantics so we can focus on the essence of the matter. Asian cartoons suck big time and should be banned.

    • Akira is a classic.

    • The Logical Psycho March 8, 2017

      Uhh…excuse me? Bakajanaino? Can you prove the point that they suck? Count the stars, the fans, the communities and the awards…get real.

    • ふざけるな March 8, 2017

      Theodore Sturgeon’s law applies here as well: Yes, 90% of anime are shit. But 90% of ANYTHING is shit. And the remaining few percent can be pretty damn good. To get over your silly prejudice you can try to watch something from Makoto Shinkai or Studio Ghibli.

  4. Sven Vasdeferens March 8, 2017

    If the NORK COMS nuke San Francisco will they do anime too, and will it be in Spanish, Japanese, or Korean?

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