Everyday Things That Are Extremely Tired of Your Crap

We tend to complain a lot about things, but what if it was the other way around? Illustrator Teo Zirinis shows us that your stuff has had enough of your crap and has plenty to complain about too. So you better give them a break!

Angry fridge.

Angri wifi.

Angry champagne.

Angry clock.

Eww! Get a room!

Angry ugly Christmas sweater.

Angry candle.

Angry remote.

Angry wine bottle.

Angry wood plank.

Angry smartphone.

Angry iceberg.

Angry lighter.

Angry fig leaf.

Angry Starbucks coffee.

Angry sock.

Angry milk bottle.

Angry onion.

6 thoughts on “Everyday Things That Are Extremely Tired of Your Crap”

  1. None of this makes any sense. These inanimate objects do not talk or think. We are about to start a new year, let’s get things right in 2019.

  2. This is all very silly. Not all remote controls end up under a butt just like not all fig leaves end up on a ****. No logic in this at all.

  3. “Hi. I’m an artist. I can only draw one facial expression, but I can’t stop drawing LOL. I’m surprised anyone would pass this as humour. I’m just doing it as therapy. My life hurts.”

    Cats > Angry Things > Dogs

    – CatMan

  4. Don’t take drugs. Drugs bad.

  5. I think it’s rather amusing… :)

  6. Amazing. If inanimate objects could talk, they’d say these things.

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