The Truth About American Breakfast

How Europeans think Americans eat breakfast vs. how Americans actually eat breakfast.

25 thoughts on “The Truth About American Breakfast”

  1. it’s so true. we are so fat. and we love our guns. go ‘murica!

  2. This is a lie, as I like oatmeal with a dash of maple syrup.

  3. Chicken fried steak and eggs, mountain of hash browns, loaf of buttery toast, pot of coffee, finish with a smoke and a ride to the cardiac unit… good times!

  4. What’s that thing just to the left of the fork?

  5. Maybe a knuckle duster?

  6. Or a cigar-cutter, for the cigar that lies in a tube behind the coffee.

  7. What caliber?

  8. Americans eat like its 1830. On the other hand the U.S. are still in 1830. The rest of the world moved on.

  9. cigar cutter

  10. It is used to circumcise non Trump supporters.

  11. Quaker!

  12. Where are the brown beans and fried tomatoes?

  13. If the diner is right handed the firearms should be on the right side of the plate positioned on their left side so that they’re easier to pick up in an emergency. Requiring the diner to reach across the plate to access the firearm is so gauche. There’s also a disturbing lack of bacon on the plate.

  14. Good point about the lack of bacon! What are those, nuggets? ugh.

    And personally, I’d go with Baileys in the coffee. That bourbon only goes with ice, and it’s better at dinner.

  15. Nuggets are shrimp maybe.

  16. Eat lead!

  17. Many Americans drink it. Freedom poison.

  18. Hot Lead Nasal Spray, helps keep the undesirables out

  19. Except the Islamists. They feel colonized by the west and betrayed by their leaders, and find their identity in 8th century Islam.

  20. Insects?

  21. If you live in a Democratic run city you better have a gun. All the criminals the Left let’s run loose have them.

  22. Americans will always eat beef. You go ahead and eat the bugs.

  23. That’s why the American lifespan is shorter. More like in a 3rd-world country. If the guns won’t kill ya, the arteriosclerosis will.

  24. True, they are too lax on all those armed conservative terrorists ruining everyone else’s life. Shame.

  25. “Americans eat like its 1830. On the other hand the U.S. are still in 1830… ” yes, the rest of the world gave up the idea of individual freedom and the right to protect it from tyrants.

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