With These Dadjokes, He’s Ready To Be a Father

Call me an ambulance! Ok, no problem. You are an ambulance.

5 thoughts on “With These Dadjokes, He’s Ready To Be a Father”

  1. She could be a he who is a Heard and leaves a turd, “me too” is dead but that could be a Zed so run like hell lest you are dead.

  2. Heard is the turd of the bird that you wank in the tank, you can smoke it and squish it ( Smoke. And. Squish. It. ) We be dah pair dat comb grubs from our hair, we be GOOPERS ( QANON 4 Trump’n’Putin. )

  3. Here, we see how politics rots the soul and the mind.

  4. Did you read that weird stuff? I still didn’t.

  5. Laying on a brick roadway is no healthful.

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