Typical Boss

Wow, that's an amazing car!

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  1. Reality is – most people indeed can achieve highest positions through work.
    They usually lack one or some important character components, like – work ethics, discipline, reliability, ability so socialize with higher and lower staff, leadership skills, empathy (this is important, to be able to feel what your boss thinks and wants, and act accordingly through the prism of your personal honesty).
    In reality most people would NOT enjoy top positions, as they often will require being very robotic and sometimes stupidly strict. Also top positions often are seemingly less work, but it is more stressful – e.g. if you are top level manager, the company CEO/council/shareholders can relieve you from duties without much of a thought if you screw up even a little. (which is why managers are often fighting tooth and nail to get release clauses in their contracts, like large compensations if they are fired – because if you get fired from a big company, chances are you won’t be able to get a new top manager place for years).
    So it all really depends.
    My personal view is that most people are not cut for extreme work required to be really high level boss. That jobs can lead to careers that can lead you to high levels (which often requires initiative, e.g. if you work at McDonalds and attend their manager’s university, your chances to be leader of local of state chain are greater than just a worker who never is interested in company’s business). Personally I quit promising career in state company because I felt it was very dull and artificial job, and opted for leading own small-scale businesses instead since I like hustling around more.
    I think the only people who have stuff that they did not deserve are the inherited millionaires/ aristocrats (e.g. arab princes), and people who simply got lucky – e.g. they simply had a friend whom they spent time in highschool, and that friend was successful and simply wanted his drinking buddy nearby. But overall, such cases are rare as f***. idk.. some people ought to be lucky in this world, right? Doesn’t mean you can’t be simple achiever.

    And I will repeat myself again – learn about things you desire, as many top level jobs require lots of personal sacrifices and are actually rather dull, if your mind is not set like that (owning business often cost time with friends.. being astronaut demands iron discipline and even more time and emotional stability akin’ to apathy… being military general requires some weird angry-fatherly love towards men and massive discipline… being performer requires stamina [for singers/bands] and really weird artistic mind [for actors] … all these things are somewhat romantically nice in small doses and not pleasant when you NEED them as part of your personality).

  2. Neoliberal Bullsh*ttery

  3. This joke is older than I am.

  4. Total rubbish

  5. Are you saying there is enough money for everyone to buy fancy cars?

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