When Putin Offers You Tea…


When Putin offers you tea but you're not ready to die just yet.


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  1. That was fast, hahaha.

  2. Best to avoid having a polonium moment…

    • Heavy element Bob August 20, 2020

      White people use Po black people use Pb. (b-o) We are so close alphabetically to resolve the racial divide.

  3. People just love simplistic politics, we crave propaganda, it gaves us confidence in who is bad (them) and who is good (us)
    China is devouring US but we are told it is Russia..
    Briliant even if not original.

  4. China knows how to handle Mooslimes gotta give them credit for that.

    • It’s the wrong muslims though. They are genociding them because they don’t want to be communist slaves and because of ethnic identity. Not because of terrorist tendencies. China is a racist country. Before all that no one ever heard of them, because they were peaceful people.

  5. Well either way the result is the same. And its a positive result for sure.

  6. Wow, this is actually funny… as opposed to the other recent crap

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