AI Will Never Replace My Job! Wanna Know Why?

With the rise of ChatGPT and similar AI tools, people have started to wonder if their jobs are safe. Sure, artists or copywriters might have to worry, but the key to secure income is to live on benefits!

AI will never replace my job. Why are you so sure? I am unemployed.

24 thoughts on “AI Will Never Replace My Job! Wanna Know Why?”

  1. The Unemployed need to take the mRNA GMO, and Disease X vax. Useless eaters are important (:laugh:) to society.

  2. Yes, like Shawn Barber did. 29. RIP

  3. You guys can’t distinguish coccaine from a vaccine.

  4. The anti-vaxers are still confused by the Push/Pull signs on doors.

  5. Watching an anti vaxxer try to be smart is like watching a feminist do physical labour….it’s always gonna be left up to someone else!

  6. Unemployment is not a job, it is usually a career choice.
    The bone head with Eatliver who came up with this meme
    should be beaten with a slab of frozen cow dung.

  7. I intend on voting for the candidate with the largest hooters.

  8. Guess Trump gets your vote after all.

  9. Tittitrump

  10. You can have the titties, I’ma grab me some trump pu$$y!

  11. Sure we can tell the difference between cocaine and vaccines.
    Vaccines never got a “vaccine bear” movie. Have you ever seen a picture about a bear doing vaccines? Hmmm? How can you say something is great that’s never gotten a major motion picture involving a bear? 🐻💉

  12. Don’t do coccaine.

  13. Vaccine bear would be a movie about a bear that got vaccinated and then went on to live the rest of its life happily as a bear! Now…antivax bear, that movie would be about a bear that goes around telling everyone how awesome it is cause it didn’t get the “bear gene therapy” and how stupid all the other bears are for doing the right thing! A true horror story that one!

  14. Lucy stick to women’s topics like cramps, or cheating husbands.

  15. So if you’re not vaccinated you can get Covid, spread Covid and die from Covid. But if you’re vaccinated you can still get Covid, spread Covid and die from Covid, BUT you’re vaccinated.

  16. There is a high probability that probability is elusive to you! It’s grade school math, you even learn it before algebra! Allow me to explain, If you don’t wear your seatbelt you can die in a car accident, if you wear your seat belt you can still die in a car accident. However, the probability of dieing decreases when you wear a seatbelt! If by now you are still struggling with the concept of probability then why would you even think you had what it takes to do any kind of research?

  17. Still on Phizers payroll I see.

  18. Still unable to comprehend logic we see.

  19. Let’s pretend I am on Pfizer’s payroll…….Probability still seems to exist and the evidence is still overwhelmingly in the vaccines favour! Want me to explain how the scientific method works and how it has worked for us for the last 300 years?

  20. Those antivaxxers are not interested in evidence. For them it’s about being “against” something. May it be freedom for slaves, electrical light, flying machines, jews or vaccines.
    They feel chosen by this. That floods their brains with hormones that make them addicted to it. So, basicly they are addicted to their own lies and fantasies.
    If you confront them with facts and evidence you are taking away their drug. The reaction will be profanities and violence.

  21. I don’t like how that made sense!

  22. Because you are high on endorphines. Junkie.

  23. Endorphins are stress relieving hormones! It’s like being high on being happy!

  24. Was it dopamine, Junkie?

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