Agreements With Russia

What people think agreements with Russia look like vs. what agreements with Russia actually look like.

40 thoughts on “Agreements With Russia”

  1. Russia 2022 is like Germany 1939.

  2. That could be said of any country. Just saying.

  3. Hm, nope. America isn’t “any” country.

  4. Project much?

  5. How dare you compare that Slav untermensch Putin to our beloved Führer!
    Go show your support for the Fatherland by buying our stuff on Amazon and Etsy!

  6. This didn’t have anything to do with America. But it, like Trump, are obsessions for some.

  7. No one brought up Trump. That was you. Ouch.

  8. He can’t fight his fetish.

  9. I bet all those 50 POWs that were blown up in that Russian camp were already dead, tortured to death, before it was lit up. Then they blamed Ukrainian rockets for it to cover it up.

  10. I bet you wank more than you work.

  11. It’s sunday. I don’t work on sundays.

  12. Murica sucks ballz

  13. “The first casualty of war is truth”

    Look the government spends millions on both sides of this war spreading propaganda.

    You don’t have to join in and do it for free, it just makes it harder to de-escalate the situation.

  14. Russia basicly made all propaganda unneccessary. Their crimes speak for themselves. They just do the same as they did in WWII. Savages.

  15. Putin thought he could show the world how important Russia is being a super power.
    All he has proven is how backwards Russia is.
    Gotta feel sorry for 90% of there population. They are either afraid to speak up, or
    have been brain washed.
    Putin and his cronies are evil, greedy, barbarians.

  16. The Russian ruble is at it’s highest point ever. Russian oil and gold is selling at there highest rate ever. Germany is taking cold showers, the free world, ( for lack of a better word,) is being destroyed financially. I’d say Putin is doing pretty damm good. And it’s ALL Americas fault for pushing him into it. Way to go Biden team. Another mess from the Left. Such great people!

  17. The ruble is artificially raised. It will pop like a soap bubble once they used up their resources.
    Looks like you are one of those simpletons that believe the Russian propaganda.
    I’m old enough to have learned it during the cold war: Always assume the opposite of what the Russian official is telling you.
    If they tell you their war is going as planned – they are in panic.
    If they tell you Ukrainians are nazis – Russia has exchanged communism with fascism. Compatible.
    If they tell you it wasn’t them – Oh, they are in it to their chin.
    If they tell you the ruble is strong – they are basicly broke.

  18. So does your mom.

  19. So NATO moving into border countries around Russia had nothing to do with what’s happening now. Right… And if Russia moved into Mexico and tried to make it communist America wouldn’t take any action? They’ve been pushing for this for years. Biden comes into office and like clockwork off to war we go. The Looks like your one of those simpletons that believe the American/NATO propaganda.

  20. Most of the countries that have joined NATO are former countries
    of the old Soviet Union. They all reached out to join NATO for their
    protection. They all learned first hand how Russia treats its neighbours.
    Not one of these countries want to be affiliated with Russia ever again.
    In there old alliance they had to tow the line or face being occupied by
    the Russian army.
    Russian trolls along with a few lame brain fools are certainly active on this

  21. So we should push Taiwan into joining NATO and be shocked when China responds negatively and makes threats. This is EXACTLY what the US did to Putin. You can’t be that thick. America should let Europe handle It’s own problems and just stay out of the affairs of other countries. But nope. They are responsible for this and are profiting from it. The US is just dumping old weapons stocks on Ukraine at a new price while everyone suffers and they make record profits. Follow the money.

  22. You certainly qualify as a blithering idiot. Read a book to two, you might
    learn a few truths.
    P.S. The United States was one of the first NATO countries.
    The United States support for Taiwan has nothing to do with NATO.

  23. Yes, nazi groupies. It was Russia that violated the Minsk Ii agreement. It was also Russia that promised not to expand NATO eastwards and then did it. Pathetic ukjronazii shills.

  24. Russia promised not to expand NATO eastward? How does Russia expand NATO? Why would they? You understand Russia isn’t part of NATO right? Better lay off those vaccinations. The “Safe and effective” is starting to show.

  25. Taiwan joining NATO — do you have any idea what the NA stands for?
    The Ukraine was and is a long way from joining NATO — Putin merely wants crownies on his border rather than free people.

  26. Russians attack on Ukraines shows how right Russia’s bordering countries were joining NATO. Ukraine would have done it earlier, but they had a contract when with Russia when they gave up their sowjet nukes not be attacked if they don’t join NATO. They didn’t join NATO. For long Ukraine had a puppet government doing the Kremlins will. But people voted them out and even tock action after refused to give power to a democratic elected government. Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014 and annexed Crimea. Now the idea joining NATO became quite attractive.
    Understandable. Russia is not to be trusted.

  27. When Russian troll drinks to much potatoe wine.

  28. Why would Russia want to waste a missile for this?

  29. So Nancy Pelosi isn’t provoking China by going to Taiwan.. okay. You just keep think you have a good bead on things. You don’t, but hey you do you.

  30. Next thing Xi will say that you leaving your basement is provoking China. Will you let yourself be bullied by him?

  31. Nancy Pelosi is a free person, right? She’s American. Aren’t Americans free? Isn’t she free to visit what country she wants? Aren’t the people of Taiwan free? Isn’t that their right? Isn’t it their right to choose their own guests?
    Is China deciding who is free and who isn’t? Is China your master?

  32. Soon China will own Russia. They will just buy it.

  33. No. The people of Taiwan are not free. They, like Canada, live under the thump of a dictator. China is the true evil on this earth. Followed closely by Biden’s gang of thugs and leaders like Trudeau. Americans have paid over 90 million for Nancy’s little trip. And all so she can inspect the chip factory they used insider trading to invest in.

  34. They’ll chip you too. You’ll feel better then. Resistance is futile. So is stupidity.

  35. Ok. So the people of the country of Taiwan are free from the threat of China. North Korean people are free as well to you I would imagine.

  36. Why would Ukraine waste a missile to kill its own soldiers?

  37. So Nancy Pelosi’s vanity trip to the country of Taiwan has caused China to break military ties with the US. It has also caused problems for Taiwan and her people. So.. why did she go again.. Oh yeah to make more money for the corrupt Left. Taiwanese people are calling her the American Witch. The Left is evil. Totally and completely. No wonder the GOP is crushing the elections. When Trump wins remember, you earned it.

  38. Well it has..

  39. China is frustrated because an American official recognized Taiwan as an independent country. Typical China tantrum. Autocrats and dictatorship always sport an infantile attitude when something goes against their will.
    And you fall for it. That’s why people call you a tool.

  40. try to educate yourself first. The UA failed to follow Minsk and Budspest agreements😉 Many inocent people died because of lunatic people from Azov. Enough is enough. Suprised Russia got involved so late. You might want to skip tv for few days the news there are thr same one that informed you about covid😳

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