Aging Like a Fine Wine: What’s It’s Really Like

What does it mean if someone claims that they’re aging like a fine wine? Does it mean that they only get better with age. Not really… They are probably alone in the basement, untouched by a single soul for years and years.

I'm aging like a fine wine. In a basement, untouched.

12 thoughts on “Aging Like a Fine Wine: What’s It’s Really Like”

  1. I thought that’s the incel mantra.

  2. Modern feminist is the term you were looking for but ya you can call them incels too!

  3. Mhhhhnnnay.

  4. So she smells\tastes like vinegar? 😝

  5. I would taste either of them.

  6. Me tooooooooo!

  7. So kinda like a man after 30 years of marriage….

  8. Or a women. Hate to blow your conception of marriage.

  9. Speaking of fine wine have you noticed how much a bottle of
    California hooch has risen. Fires, droughts, transportation
    cost, and increased Mexican labor costs are what these thieves
    use to screw me.
    I don’t like hitting up my fan base for a few bucks, but having
    a few minor unexpected expenses the past week, I’m feeling
    maybe you guys should shoulder part or all of these demands.
    Be generous, my needs are great.

  10. Make our country great again…like it was in 2008!! You can do it lord president! Destroy every program that will aid me and those like me because we are easily fooled! Do us proud and stick it up our ass!

  11. Thumbs up for that.

  12. And then blame the democrats. USA! USA! USA!

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