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  1. I understand the joke you’re trying to make. But those 3 sons are just the first, they had daughters etc after that, the 3rd son wasn’t born till Adam was 130 years old. I’m not saying this is true or not. But you can’t make things up of things that are already made up…. Like saying Harry Potter was actually a Jedi.

  2. Yeah, brothers and sisters having babies is so much better.

  3. Harry Potter was a Jedi?

  4. The Books of Adam and Eve give a lot of detail on the time, as well as the Book of Enoch.

  5. Scientists say all humans can be traced back to one prehistoric woman. Your Mom really got around.

  6. You are not helping your case.

  7. It worked for Schwarzenegger in Junior.

  8. Translation: “No scientists actually say this.” (Well, except for the part about your mom. They *all* say that.)

  9. Well put, Generic Name.

  10. Magically formed life from a exploding ball of gases, much easier to swallow.

  11. Harry Potter got his Jedi training from Jean-Luc Picard.

  12. Aliens…

  13. They all humped Eve, is what is implied.

  14. Actually there are other people mentioned than those god made. In those old times there were other gods that created human life. The sons of Adam and Eve wouldn’t marry their sister, but steal women from other gods away. Jahweh’s followers killed everyone who wouldn’t worship the israelite weather god. Still doing it today under his many names.

  15. Where did the gases come from?

  16. From an analysis of genetic ramifications, a generation or two of incest isn’t really bad.
    In fact, your chance of inheriting a bad gene is just as bad if your parents are random strangers.

  17. Hillbilly Oli the expert.

  18. No magic involved, that’s the entire point…

  19. Considering their dna was perfect, and sin had barely entered into the equation, they were likely healthier than the best of us.

  20. God is a alien

  21. From the Bible, after Caïn killed Abel, he created town. And he had a sign to not be killed by other people.
    Conclusion, Adam and Eve are the first humans according the Bible. But not the only humans created.
    You take it like you want.

  22. 130 year old and having children?

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