Adam & Eve Mystery Solved: It Really Happened

The Bible never made any goddamn sense! How did Adam and Eve populate the Earth without everyone being horribly inbred? Have you looked around lately?

14 thoughts on “Adam & Eve Mystery Solved: It Really Happened”

  1. The same way Muhammad flew to the moon and back on a human horse hybrid. This stuff is written down for a reason ya know.

  2. Logic is misunderstood by the stupid.

  3. Logic of human/horse hybrid or space travel in the 12th century. Sounds logical to me.

  4. Adam and Eve had sons. They needed women.
    There were other humans that already populated the Earth. But it wasn’t “God” who made them. It was his rivals. “God” isn’t “the only god”. There are more, even in the bible. You are just not allowed to worship the others.
    Right, it doesn’t make sense at all. Because it’s all BS written by several authors over centuries during the bronze age and being rewritten over and over again later.

  5. That explains Florida Man.

  6. Well, you are never going to know so I wouldn’t worry about it. Godless heathen.

  7. Pope said good atheists and heathens go to heaven, too. So, don’t rely on your weekly visit to church. Your hate is still a sin more than the others side has.

  8. Read Matthew 7 then neck yourself fool.

  9. God removed one of the son’s rib, thus turning him to her. Our first
    trans person. The other sons them banged the hell out of their new
    I could go on further, but I do not want to excite any perverts reading

  10. @ Mosses

  11. The age of consent in the Vatican was 12 til a week or so ago. There’s your great satan. Always has been.

  12. It’s spelled “Flori-duh”.

  13. God wants it that way.

  14. Well two large world religions do anyway.

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