Internet Comments vs. Reality

How people act online vs. how people act in real life.

12 thoughts on “Internet Comments vs. Reality”

  1. That’s why it’s called Bobcat. Right, whatever Bob?

  2. Lulu :-D

  3. People can’t state true opinions publicly anymore. You have to have a public opinion and a private opinion. Think about that.

  4. Not at all. I don’t temper my opinions. I’m just not an arsehole. You stupid yanks don’t understand that you are free to hold whatever abhorrent views you like, but you’re not free from the consequences.

    Toddlers who can’t understand that with rights come responsibilities…

  5. America f…s the world up as usual. It all comes from this racist, fascist sh|thole country.

  6. I believe everything the Govt, the media and the internet oligarchs say because I’m a free thinker and anyone who disagrees is a troglodyte. Heavy sigh…

  7. *Perfect example of the Sh-t racists idiots say.

    People state their true and untrue opinions in public all the time.

  8. I ‘do my own research’ on the internet. I know better than the people who have dedicated their whole lives to studying science or medicine. Two hours of searching conspiracy theories online is much more meaningful than 8 years of college and decades of experience.

    Lets raise all our kids this way too. We’ll be a great nation that always prospers. It’s not like we’re going to need any science, technology or doctors in our future. All those other countries will be so much stupider.

  9. So they act Canadian?

  10. You don’t need medicine or the devil’s science if God is on your side. God bless America.

  11. Why are these cats giving nazi salutes… OMG is this a nazi site!?

  12. You give the Nazi salute with the right arm. But it’s OK to be a right-left dyslexic. We love you anyways.

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