It’s All According To God’s Plan


Don't worry, Nick. It's all according to God's plan. 1. Create universe. 2. Give Nick childhood trauma with no healthy way to cope until he ruins everything.


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  1. Tired of wimpy men October 15, 2022

    Oh boo hoo Nick, grow a pair, and get on with life.

  2. If there was an almighty god he’d had better plans. Atheists are right.

  3. JustCurious October 15, 2022

    Doesn’t a plan only work if it’s properly followed?

    • How do you follow the plan if no ones tells you what the plan is?

    • History buff October 15, 2022

      Millions of Russians don’t know the plan yet they follow.
      Guess all countries with a dictator in charge fall into this
      If certain Americans get their way, America will fall into
      this trap as well.

    • Crash Bandicoot October 17, 2022

      @anon, that’s kind of the point you mentally challenged buffoon. There is no plan. People need to stop blaming external agency and take some f*cking responsibility.

    • I know. No god, no plan. Only the mentally weak need imaginary superbeings.

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