Abstinence. Only 99.99% effective.


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  1. Kendall Jenner March 26, 2019

    Why do they have dinner plates behind their heads?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 26, 2019

      Those are heathen sun symbols. Very old symbolism. Stolen like most things by the christians. Religion is just another brand.

  2. Definite anti-Christian bent on this site. Why all the hate? It’s not even an all-religion equal opportunity hate site.

    • Translation: “Waaah, someone made a gentle, harmless crack about my immoral, hate-filled death cult.”

    • If you are a true christian, you know that abstinence will not save a woman if god really really wants to impregnate her. Just facts, nothing more.

    • Does that qualify as rape? And if the 0.01% perpetrator says he was sent by god?

    • God Hunter March 27, 2019

      It’s rape. God is a rapist. No matter if it’s holy or not. It’s rape. He’s cruel and and has narcistic delusions. He’s a complete psychopath.
      Who would want to pray to such a lunatic?

    • @Meh Translation: “I’m a narcissistic goon that never passes up a chance to bully someone.”

    • God Hunter March 29, 2019

      @BigR Sounds like somthing God would say.

  3. Hallowed are the Ori.

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