Abstinence. Only 99.99% effective.

11 thoughts on “Abstinence”

  1. Why do they have dinner plates behind their heads?

  2. Those are heathen sun symbols. Very old symbolism. Stolen like most things by the christians. Religion is just another brand.

  3. Definite anti-Christian bent on this site. Why all the hate? It’s not even an all-religion equal opportunity hate site.

  4. Translation: “Waaah, someone made a gentle, harmless crack about my immoral, hate-filled death cult.”

  5. If you are a true christian, you know that abstinence will not save a woman if god really really wants to impregnate her. Just facts, nothing more.

  6. Does that qualify as rape? And if the 0.01% perpetrator says he was sent by god?

  7. It’s rape. God is a rapist. No matter if it’s holy or not. It’s rape. He’s cruel and and has narcistic delusions. He’s a complete psychopath.
    Who would want to pray to such a lunatic?

  8. Hallowed are the Ori.

  9. @Meh Translation: “I’m a narcissistic goon that never passes up a chance to bully someone.”

  10. @BigR Sounds like somthing God would say.

  11. Indeed

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