Not the Reward They Expected

7 thoughts on “Not the Reward They Expected”

  1. Christians. They hunt and hurt people even in heaven…

  2. The insane amount of virgins that supposedly awaut Muslims in heaven are a mistranslation from the original Quran texts. We now know the author was probably was talking about grapes or raisins.

  3. I would prefer the virgins. Too many grapes or raisins will give you the s**ts.

  4. 72 virgins? No thanks, the first couple would be alright but after that I think I’d want a woman who knew what the hell she was doing.

  5. What if the 72 virgins aren’t even women?

  6. Truly I say to you kill the infidels and you can have any 72 virgins oh that includes my wives as well

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