Take a Look at Modern-Day Russia



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  1. Hell Toupee June 17, 2016

    If I’m reading this right, the label on the “tank” says “To Berlin”

  2. The old man on the mountain June 17, 2016

    How did the West win the Cold War!!!

  3. The Good German June 17, 2016

    Barbarians, still dreaming of the great glory of the USSR that in reality was just a grey, cold and ugly mud hole. I visited communist and former communist countries. All they had was misery and decay. The only bright color was red. All other colors were shades of grey. No wonder they were/are always drunk…

    • The old man on the mountain June 17, 2016

      Yes sure…And now you should take you pills and go to bed like a good boy, will you!

    • Felix Ruud June 20, 2016

      It hasn’t changed a whole lot since then.

  4. Nirvana. Go make fun of Middle East or Africa.

  5. Check out Russian industrial city Norilsk: http://www.notmeh.com/norilsk/ Lovely, eh?

  6. Is’n that first pic the US?

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob June 18, 2016

    Some of them picters is from earlier posts. So, don’t be to hard on them folks, they’s kinda backwards and not at all refined like’n us.

  8. Nebbia Nera June 18, 2016

    Yep, poverty for you. Now go fetch all those “Walmart people” photos, string them together, and call that “Take a look at Modern-Day America”.

  9. Oh wait!!! They don’t have duct tape to fix everything over there? Now, that is depressing. Everything else looks like Hick-town USA, except the bears over here are in our trash and not riding cars and busses. But, they do have some great heavy metal over there.

  10. What a naughty propoganda… It’s just a number of stupid photos from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and other former republics of USSR. Part of them I saw in 90’s.
    There is no dumb people or dirty places in the USA? Really?

  11. The first pic could be any ” take a gun to school ” day in Texas

  12. Why do I have this distinct feeling that lots of commenters here are actually my compatriots?.. As to poverty and bleakness and desperation and corruption and all this ugly stuff: yeah, there’s no denying, our Holy Mother Russia does have her fair share ot it, so what? (shrug) It’s called life. And we love our country all the same. Call us names, draw your silly pics, post fake news, whatever takes your fancy. Nothing changes. Except us. Cos we’re growing stronger by the day.


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