10 Com-MAN-dments



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  1. Tastentier June 18, 2014

    Got it. To make a proper man, take equal parts alcohol, sports, sexism and homophobia.

    • *sigh* Another metrosexual totally indoctrinated by the PC thought police.

    • optioname June 18, 2014

      You got it right almost – just add bacon.

    • Tastentier June 19, 2014

      Bacon! I knew I forgot something. Maybe I should also throw an XBox, a Swiss army knife and a bunch of guns into the mix. And a self-help book written by some pick-up artist.

    • Homophobia? Really?

  2. Tastentier June 19, 2014

    @FUBO: Metrosexuals use Macs, not PCs, and work for the Apple thought police.

  3. FUBO = Anon June 19, 2014

    A real man would say, “**** you and your ten commandments! I do what I want!”

  4. Someone has a poor understanding and consistency of their thees, thous, thys, and yous

  5. Lol…a bunch of women…this looks extremely familiar…reads as irritating as well.

  6. Ah Poo Bum Boo to you

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