Cultural Appropriation Is Never Acceptable


How many times do I have to tell you, Linda?! Goddammit, my culture is not your fashion!


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  1. WEFster McWEFster Face January 13, 2023

    Well Lula was culturally appropriating there for a while in his stripe suit until he became dic tator.

  2. So…. would that mean that people of color would only be allowed to use things that THEIR cultures invented and not the things white culture invented? Seems like thats what their saying with all this BS so let’s see if they really believe it. Let’s start with plastics. Only white people can use plastics from now on. We’ll get to the other 90% of everything ever created later. That’s how dumb this is. What about blacks with straight hair? Colored contacts? What about electricity and air travel? Come on stop being hypocrites and put down those phones you bigots.

    • While some claims of Cultural Appropriation do have legitimacy. Especialy in context of colonization and slavery during the ages. Most of the amount we saw recently is utter BS. Because there is no distinction between appropriation and appreciation.
      That’s because people are stupid. Or lack English skills.

  3. Whom ever coined the expression “cultural appropriation” should be hung upside
    down by their ankles then used for archery practice.

  4. Linda did not appropriate this zebra’s culture. As you can see her outfit is black with
    white stripes, the zebra is white with black stripes.

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