20 Things That People Under 20 Just Won’t Understand

Getting older comes with a whole set of annoyances. Wrinkles and gray hairs! Aches and pains! But while we change over time, the world around us is changing, too. The things that kids today enjoy are completely different than what you loved. By the same token, the stuff you loved as a teen would look to today’s youth like the artefacts of an ancient civilization… Which they kind of are. Scroll down to see the best examples.

"I'm getting old" moment.

Life in 2006.

A horrible flashback.

Netflix era kids won't understand.

We have come a full circle.

Found my old Tamagotchi.

All these spoiled kids nowadays with their HDMI cables don't know about them AV cable days.

Kids today won't understand.

The good old days.

Do you know the answer?

I feel 90 years old.

1998 was 10 years ago, right?

That moment when...

Who remembers this?

He was clearly wide awake!

You know you are getting old when...

Who else can relate?

Who else can relate to this?

You will always be 7 in my mind.

Did you dress like this in 2007?

16 thoughts on “20 Things That People Under 20 Just Won’t Understand”

  1. Your 55 and watching The Honeymooners with your parents and your dad says, “yea, they had a nice department”.

  2. I still convert YouTube to mp3. I did not realize that was no longer a thing.

  3. Yeah, 5-1/4” floppy’s and I’m still alive. Apple IIe. :-)

  4. Edit;
    department is apartment.

  5. Thank goodness! Thought I was alone!

  6. Me too. I still have one.

  7. My remote is wired to tv

  8. Is it not

  9. i used to save coins to use them on the pay phone to talk to my girlfriend

  10. does anybody know Gorilla.bas?

  11. You’re getting old when you start enjoying British TV series re-runs on PBS.

  12. I used to BE dad’s remote.

  13. That’s quite a blast from the past!!!

  14. Anyone else remember when Gilligan’s Island went from black and white to color?
    Crap, I said too much…

  15. Or Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, etc…

  16. OK, how about The Milkman? and the metal box by your backdoor.

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