12 Ways to Make Christmas Mass More Fun


9 thoughts on “12 Ways to Make Christmas Mass More Fun”

  1. Do not ever write a list of 12 ways to write funny things.

  2. Could’ve been a short list of 1… “Don’t go, have fun with your friends and family instead of wasting your life worshipping a non-existent deity”.

  3. Amen!

  4. I’ll second that!

  5. Don’t swallow the Eucharist. Keep it on your mouth, then pull it out at the end. Get death threats. Get expelled from school. True story. **** religion.

  6. If you put baby ducks in the holy water dies that mean they are blessed?

  7. 12 ways for an atheist to have a fun Christmas.

  8. Way to funny!!!

  9. *takes a shot*

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