World’s Most Humane Prison

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  1. Saturday we get a glass of wine with our blueberry pie. I smile at the staff a lot at staff. My favorite movie is Terminator 2. I have a session in 10 minutes.

  2. That awkward moment when you (I) realise that the bathroom is better than your (my) entire house.

  3. Well, we finally know were crime pays,,,it’s in Norway!

  4. The awkward moment when you realize that this kind of prison really “cures” inmates and makes them less likely to commit further crimes.

  5. I love lamp.

  6. That awkward moment when you realize those atheist communists in Scandinavia are doing the Christian thing better the the Christians in America like you.

  7. They don’t need to be cured when you execute them the next morning after the sentencing.

  8. It’s the difference between punishment and rehabilitation.

  9. Norway is a Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy. About 77% of Norwegians are members of the Church of Norway.

  10. The most common form of punishment given to prisoners is banishment to the freezing surface.

  11. Quote at the end is dumb.Norway rated #2 for general happiness in 2013 (US rated 17th). Norway is #1 globally for prosperity for fifth year in 2013 (US was #11). Homicide rate per 100,000 for Norway was 2.2 (2012 I think?), US was 4.7. Norway’s MEDIAN wealth for 2013 was US$92,859 (#11 in world), US didn’t rate in top 25 at US$44, 911 (incidentally Australia owns this list at #11 with a whopping US$219,505), median value not being the “average” but the value in the middle.
    I think it’s fair to say that the average Norwegian probably thinks that prison is not that comfortable, because they live more comfortably normally.

  12. Sorry, LogiC, never trust Wikipedia. Your homicide rate for Norway is for 2011, not 2012, and using just that totally abnormal year as an example for the country`s normal level is totally wrong, since the mad terrorist Breivik alone killed 85 people of the 111 total murders that year (without him the rate would be 0.5/100.000). 77 of his victims were shot, compared to just two murders by firearm in 2010 and three in 2012, in a country where there are 5 million people and around 2,5 million firearms (one of the highest firearm ownership rates in the world).
    Homicide rate for Norway in a normal year is 0.6-0.8 per 100.000, (0.6 in 2013) which actually strengthens your point. I don`t think you will find many lower rates apart from Japan and some very small countries like Iceland.
    By the way, I don`t think that you end up in this prison in Halden if you murder someone, I think this prison is meant for those committing far lesser crimes. Breivik will never be a prisoner there.

  13. What petty crime do I need to commit in Norway to get tossed in there? Jay walk? Steal hotel towel? Steal a piece of bread? :-P

  14. @Shutup: Both the monarchy and the church are nothing but old traditions in Norway (and the rest of Scandinavia). The king has no power, and most people are born into church membership and just don`t bother to get and fill out the necessary forms to get out. There are churches all over Scandinavia, but almost all of them are empty except if there is a burial or if someone actually bothers to get married in a church instead of just moving in together. Christians in Norway have their own Christian Democratic Party (KRF in Norwegian), which received 5% of the votes in last year`s election.
    Zelda is right about the atheist part, there is no doubt that the overwhelming majority are atheists, but they are social democrats, not communists. But then everyone slightly left of Genghis Khan are communists when seen from America, right?

  15. wish peace for this world!!!

  16. LOL @ what petty crime do I need to commit in Norway to get tossed in there?

  17. “The inmates can attend a vast range of formative courses at a official high school located inside the prison. Subjects can include languages, IT, science, catering, music, (there is even a professional sound studio) art and handicraft and several sports.”
    …but not grammar or punctuation class!

  18. hmmp.. In finland (about 2009) there was an estonian guy robbing local store. It take some money from the store and ice cream. After “attack” this guy walk over the street and sit down to the street corner eating ice cream and waiting a police. This guy gets 4-6 months of jailhouse (it is a winter time here).
    Next autumn same guy is again robbing the same local store and sitting in the corner and waiting that a police is coming … is there something wrong or do I not understand the purpose of the jailhouse?
    Begin of the 2000, there was sameking stories on the russians guys. They come into finland and do some medium crime. They get (about) 3 year in jailhouse. Three year means that those guys get permission to work in jailhouse. And why to work? If you do your job in jailhouse you can get about 2000 eur/month salary + food and warm shelter on winter time including full medical beneficts.
    Funniest thing was that jailhouse guards gets under 2000 eur/month salaries.

  19. I really doubt the majority are atheist but quite likely not Christian. It’s still a good point.

  20. This is the example for “the community is to blame for his/her crime, so we have to pamper his/her a..”

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