World In 2000 as Predicted In 1910

Featured below are the illustrations by French artist Villemard in 1910 of how he imagined the future to be in the year 2000.

12 thoughts on “World In 2000 as Predicted In 1910”

  1. I’m all for whale buses. Elon Musk should get on this.

  2. Almost right but not quite.
    Modern times we have:
    1. Helicopters now help to put out large forest fires
    2. You can buy robot vacuum cleaners
    3. Army tanks?
    4. Amazon Delivery Drones
    5. Caravans/mobile homes towed behind cars
    6. Helicopters
    7. Submarine
    8. Military aircraft/bombers etc.
    9. Surgeons can now use robotics to perform intricate operations
    10. Air Sea Rescue
    11. Combine Harvester
    12. Helicopter again
    13. Clothes factories/knitting machines etc.
    14. Digital recordings/vinyl records
    15. Spray tan booths.
    16. Paragliding
    17. We had a language laboratory at my school where you listened to the pronunciation and then said it back.
    18. Police Chopper.

  3. Amazing how accurate (conceptually) most of them are!

  4. This is why I hate graphic artists, they are so ******* dumb. Obviously Landlord is a product of the Frostburg, Maryland communications department. How can you make a living at this crap?

  5. @send my kid to college…..I have no idea what you are talking about…

  6. These are surprisingly spot on (and in some ways, surpassed).

  7. Great imagination for the future. Missed it on the clothes where he had zero imagination. It’s just as well he didn’t try. Styles can be all over the place as we’ve seen on EatLIver before.

  8. They knew what they want. Science gave it to them thanks to logic and facts. This time is now over. As Trump is president and more morons like him will follow the world will decline into a new stone age to be ruled by superstition and fake facts.

  9. Dat forgot to post another anti-Trump screed to your non-political post, as he did mine.
    I guess I’m blessed.

  10. @dat What a boob. There is always some blockhead simpleton that has to make everything about politics.

  11. Kauf asked me to do it. So.

  12. The fact that this dates from 1910 is significant. The Wright Brothers had just convincingly demonstrated that heavier-than-air flight is possible, giving demos in Paris and elsewhere in Europe, and flight was all the rage. It is not surprising that so many of these images hinge on the possibilities for flight.

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