How Did This Happen?!



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  1. Flossy McHookerpants September 28, 2016

    My biggest hope is that when Trump becomes president, all the people against it have an aneurysm….both domestic and abroad.

    • Just out of curiosity: do you support him because you are a nihilist that wants to see it all burn, or are you merely stupid?

      Folks like “foog” are slowly coming out of that post-coital Obama phase.
      They have only themselves,
      their Dem Socialist Party and
      globalist enablers to blame.

    • foog, what’s the alternative? A possibly terminally ill, would-be dictator, should-be prisoner who has lied, stolen, bullied, and bribed her way to everything she has ever had? Face it, they’re both pretty equally shitty…

  2. It's a jeep thing.... September 29, 2016

    The car on the boat thing is not that far fetched. I could totally see that happen. This year I had to wench someone out of our marina. They rolled down a hill and the only reason they didn’t hit a boat was a tree stopped them. Drinking+car+boat=issues. Funny issues if it isn’t you.

  3. So one pic is Trump and the others are the condition HilLIARy will leave the country if she wins. Either way the US is screwed.

  4. So, after 3 yrs of Trump , do you still stand behind your comments? Surely you regret voting for the man.

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