Why Women’s Weightlifting Isn’t Popular

13 thoughts on “Why Women’s Weightlifting Isn’t Popular”

  1. What’s the name of that beautiful lady at the bottom picture? I need someone to guard my house.

  2. What’s the name of that beautiful lady on the top? Someone should guard her house!

  3. That’s Allison Stokke.

  4. Bet the woman in the bottom photo can really haul some firewood into the house.

  5. Old Picture is old.

  6. Now you’re being prejudiced against people in colder climates?!?

  7. Agree, this revamped eatliver seems to be doing an awful lot of reposting old images…

  8. Agreed. That’s why I choose not to comment. Except to comment that I’m choosing not to comment.

  9. Or she could hurl the fireplace towards your head.

  10. A keg of beer on each shoulder. I like her.

  11. And the archives have REALLY disappeared this time

  12. pretty girl was still in H.S. at the time…

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