Why Women’s Weightlifting Isn’t Popular



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  1. Drunk Italian June 7, 2014

    What’s the name of that beautiful lady at the bottom picture? I need someone to guard my house.

    • Redneck With A Gun June 7, 2014

      What’s the name of that beautiful lady on the top? Someone should guard her house!

    • That’s Allison Stokke.

  2. Bet the woman in the bottom photo can really haul some firewood into the house.

    • Frank Einstein June 8, 2014

      Now you’re being prejudiced against people in colder climates?!?

    • optionale June 8, 2014

      Or she could hurl the fireplace towards your head.

    • A keg of beer on each shoulder. I like her.

  3. Officer Memorex, Repost Police Department June 8, 2014

    Old Picture is old.

    • Agree, this revamped eatliver seems to be doing an awful lot of reposting old images…

    • faroutman: Repost POPO Badge #1976 June 8, 2014

      Agreed. That’s why I choose not to comment. Except to comment that I’m choosing not to comment.

    • And the archives have REALLY disappeared this time

  4. pretty girl was still in H.S. at the time…

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