What Women Say About Men on Twitter

20 thoughts on “What Women Say About Men on Twitter”

  1. * For my mysogynistic co-men:
    Insert your mysogynistic BS here, idiot. If not you are a coward without balls, wimp. Go back to your momma. The only woman that will ever love you… perhaps.
    * For my non-mysogynistic co-men:
    All men who love women as human beings feel free to open your own posts.

  2. Yeah, not going to entertain The Bin Post within his own thread. Most (all?) tweets were done by women in a toungue-in-cheek manner.
    Nothing to see here, unless it was men posting in the similar patriarchal shitlord manner. Then the far leftists antifas would be beating the shit out of white men who dared to tweet s*it like this.

  3. Two words: Double standards.

  4. Women are nasty and mean. No heterosexual male sould ever defend an unknown female. War breaks out leave them to the hands of equality. I’m ex-military and I would never risk my life for an unknown female.

  5. Never should have let women vote.

  6. You are a disgrace for the armed forces.

  7. You voted Trump. Seems you shouldn’t be allowed to vote yourself.

  8. You’ll get the cut-off-balls-medal for cowardice.

  9. Girls are so adorable when they try to sound *harsh*, y’know?
    Except for that b!t(h Hillary; she’s just ugly on the inside.

  10. Sassy girls LOVE to get spanked!

  11. I bet the girls who made these posts were on their period.

  12. I didn’t vote, Women lack rational thinking to vote in an informed manner.

  13. I want a ground hog named lord Melbourne who likes cocoa puffs. That would be awesome.

  14. You don’t seem informed either. Not voting is like voring for the Trumps in this world.

  15. Like you are on the outside. Yet your inside is so full of gold. So sad.

  16. You don’t even know what “the period” is.

  17. The selection of candidates was unsatisfactory this cycle. The Democrat primary was rigged and the Republican primary was a circus. Trump’s victory seems to signal the disillusionment with career politicians in American politics.

  18. These are great. And if men have a problem with them then it’s because they are really just insecure King Baby’s or one-dimensional wannabe tyrants who have no sense of humor.

  19. MGTOW you’re shallow and vapid and you sound like every sound bite I’ve heard on TV or seen on FB for the past 8 months. Have an original thought. K thx bai

  20. Therealist- Okay, first I want to know why you single out HETEROSEXUAL males as those who shouldn’t have to risk their lives? Is that your way of saying that you’re perfectly fine with the “f*ggots” in the military defending them, seeing as how “don’t ask don’t tell” got rescinded? Seriously, help me out here. And you say you’re ex military, am I supposed to just take your word for that? Prove it. First off, what branch? What unit? What rank? Because, from every military source *I* know personally, the kind of mentality you’re describing goes against the most basic of military tenets. As I recall, it’s DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY or GOD, THE CORPS, and COUNTRY. How do you reconcile your statement and belief about non-defense (only for straight guys) as an ex military man, with the fact that these are fellow soldiers who are putting their lives on the line just like all the others, FOR EACH OTHER. How would we have a cohesive military framework/unit if all the straight guys thought the way you do?

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