Why Has No One Made This?


5 thoughts on “Why Has No One Made This?”

  1. There might be a reason why no one made this going on a DATE…

  2. why?
    1. 3d printer cant make such details as your face might have
    2. 3d printer prints in one color
    3. It would be more useful if model would be made by hand sculping and later painted accordingly
    4. model would be wisible also when speaking so you would have to scream in all your replies
    5. i doubt i would be scared of tiny still plastic head coming out of somebodys mouth

  3. Dental implants are expensive. This shit would cost the earth, that’s why.

  4. Well…
    1. It’s a Miniversion. THey can do that.
    2. Of course there are colour 3d printers.
    3. No, as seen above.
    4. True.
    5. True. But quite irritated, I guess.
    2 of 5. Come on, you can do better.

  5. I thought women could do that naturally.

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