Anti-Littering Sign Spotted In Chattanooga, TN



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  1. Your gooberment at work March 24, 2018

    Tennessee can’t afford any trash cans after they put up those fancy signs.

    • Trash can in the middle of a forest? You must be a leftist for thinking government must clean up after you.
      How about keeping garbage in your backpack until you’re back to civilization?

    • æeiøæå March 24, 2018

      @ Lefttus: Yeah, the middle of the forest, with a lamp post / low voltage power line and several houses in the picture. Was that what your rightist’s walnut-sized brain managed to calculate?

  2. Buck Tooth Bob March 24, 2018

    The Chattanooga Walmart by the train track is a happening place on a Friday night.

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