Five Stages of White House Employment


11 thoughts on “Five Stages of White House Employment”

  1. Stages of all politicians surely?

  2. now i understand, there are two donald trumps!

  3. Yes, I can well imagine that’s how Leftists see it.
    QUEER THING IS: that ACTUALLY HAPPENED with Bill and Hillary…OVER and OVER.

  4. Yes, a bad and an evil one.

  5. Those shrill “But Hillary!” defences have moved from idiocy into pure comedy by now. I can’t help but picture you with your fingers stuck in your ears yelling “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

  6. With Billary instead of a knife in the back it was a gun shot to the back of the head.. which is an obvious suicide

  7. TO Hell Toupee
    Your ignorance of THE PILE OF CLINTON CORPSES is breathtaking.
    That’s no “but Hillary” nonsense.
    That you CHOOSE to remain blind/ignorant only speaks VOLUMES about YOU.

  8. Your body list was revealed a a crude fake long ago. Get over it. Just more fake facts from trumpeteers.
    The Muppets would do better in the White House than your current government.

  9. “But Hillary!”

  10. Latest victim: Anthony Scaramucci
    Ten days. Amazing. What a career he’s had.

  11. If you think that this hasn’t happened under other administrations, you are fake news.

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