Five Stages of White House Employment




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  1. Stages of all politicians surely?

  2. now i understand, there are two donald trumps!

  3. Kauf Buch July 27, 2017

    Yes, I can well imagine that’s how Leftists see it.
    QUEER THING IS: that ACTUALLY HAPPENED with Bill and Hillary…OVER and OVER.

    • Hell Toupee July 28, 2017

      Those shrill “But Hillary!” defences have moved from idiocy into pure comedy by now. I can’t help but picture you with your fingers stuck in your ears yelling “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!”

    • Nothingsacred July 28, 2017

      With Billary instead of a knife in the back it was a gun shot to the back of the head.. which is an obvious suicide

    • Kauf Buch July 28, 2017

      TO Hell Toupee
      Your ignorance of THE PILE OF CLINTON CORPSES is breathtaking.
      That’s no “but Hillary” nonsense.
      That you CHOOSE to remain blind/ignorant only speaks VOLUMES about YOU.

    • Your body list was revealed a a crude fake long ago. Get over it. Just more fake facts from trumpeteers.
      The Muppets would do better in the White House than your current government.

    • Hell Toupee July 28, 2017

      “But Hillary!”

  4. Latest victim: Anthony Scaramucci
    Ten days. Amazing. What a career he’s had.

    • someonesmarterthanU August 6, 2017

      If you think that this hasn’t happened under other administrations, you are fake news.

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