Donald Trump Goes on Wheel of Fortune

18 thoughts on “Donald Trump Goes on Wheel of Fortune”

  1. 30+ comments in t-minus….

  2. That wouldn’t work – “C” was already called.

  3. You found he second joke in this pic.

  4. This show really went downhill when Alex Trebeck shaved off his mustache.

  5. Not like the USA are going downhill right now.

  6. Hi @european,
    they won’t realize. They just elected a guy who went on and on and on about “America first”. Don’t know how old you are, but in the four and a half decades I’ve spent on this planet so far what the USA did was always “America first” and “**** the rest of the world”.
    Maybe the next person to run for president in the USA should chose “Make the sun disappear at night again” his or her slogan. Would surely work.

  7. Let’s say I’ve seen nearly the same amount of presidents as you have. Just missed Nixon. I know what you are talking about.

  8. @anteater
    You’re just jealous you live in a grass hut and have to use an internet cafe. If it wasn’t for us policing the entire world, you wouldn’t even have that grass hut to sleep in.

  9. It’s all that Canadian Trebek’s fault. Time to bomb Toronto.

  10. @Flossy McHookerpants: Thanks to you policing the entire world half of us live among rubble. I hope that orange jerk doesn’t do the same to you…

  11. @Flossy McHookerpants
    This must be the greatest grass hut the world has ever seen then. Three storey, solid brick walls, solid tiles, electricity, central heating, running water (cold AND hot!). I even don’t need to go to an internet cafĂ© as I can sit here in my place naked on my desk and write a reply to you. This kind of housing is how the majority live in my country.
    Yes, you read that right. Most people, all but the homeless, live in SOLID HOUSES MADE OF BRICKS or at least concrete in my country. Not in wooden huts that get blown away as soon as strong winds occur like in any third world country or parts of the USA of course. We don’t even have people living in trailers, but we have some who spend their holidays in one.
    Anyway, thank you for helping the Russians, French, British and others defeating the bl00dy nazis back in the day and teaching us democracy!

  12. Ya’ll just got trolled and totally missed it. Pat Sajak is the host of Wheel of Fortune.

  13. @ Derpy Democrat
    Does Pat Sajak live in a grass hut, a trailer, a wooden house that get’s blown away at the first sight of wind or a real house made of bricks?

  14. He was great fighting with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore.

  15. Nazis only came to power cause U.S. bankers ruined the world economy in the years before. Like they did now. So policing was more a way to take responsibility.

  16. I voted for Pat Paulson too.

  17. POTUS Asteriscus V doesn’t have much of an attention span.

  18. Oh my gosh, there was a really funny “grab her by the *****” one of these on FB. I laughed so hard!

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