So This Company Sells Jeans That Look Like You Pissed Yourself…


Is this for real? Unfortunately, yes. Wet Pants Denim is a real company that will sell you a pair of jeans that look like you just pissed yourself. New jeans will cost you $75, however you can send them jeans that you already own and they will piss-stain them for $30. From their website: “In an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we’re happy to provide the imagery of authentic urinary incontinence, on a pair of jeans that you already own, at a fraction of the cost.”

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

In case you want to waste $75 on this strange product, you can order a pair of piss-stained jeans on Wet Pants Denim website, however we would suggest that you save your hard-earned money and just piss yourself daily in public for free.


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  1. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    They have the press corp wear these so Biden doesn’t feel self conscious. 🧻

  2. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    Good for social distancing or getting a bus seat all to yourself.

  3. Poops in isle D May 27, 2021

    These are popular in San Francisco. I didn’t think they manufactured these on purpose

  4. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    Yeah. Soooo predictable.

    This post and this product are just the perfect thing for Republicans to insult liberals. Well done guys. Way to be predictable. If there’s nothing good about your party’s policy or personnel anymore, just go with the insults eh? It’s what your leader or an 8th grader would do. So sad.

    • Anonymous May 27, 2021

      Their leader is a narcissistic idiot. What do expect from people following such a creature?

  5. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    I have an idea how you could save yourself a few bucks… just using your existing jeans collection.

  6. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    This is perfect for the cowardly GOP, wetting their pants since their afraid of any number of things: the Jan 6th commission, being indicted, minorities, voting, civil rights, fire, the wheel, electricity.

    • Anonymous May 27, 2021

      Science, facts, law and order (as it pertains to how elections are decided or how republican are held accountable for insurrection etc.)

      You’re right. Republicans are afraid of a lot of things. Maybe it’s just part of that transition of the party from Reagonomics (small government, states rights, free markets etc. ) into whatever Trumpism is. Big spending fed programs, tariffs, handouts for farmers, control of states, businesses, the press, and elections….. Must be hard to face facts when you don’t even know what you stand for anymore.

    • Or the perfect cowardly demodouche who is afraid of any sort of recount.

    • Anonymous June 1, 2021

      There have by now been more recounts than votes, and still Trump lost every one of them.

  7. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    Once again and always, Justine Pierre Trudeau. 😂🤣. You lose every time. Haha

    • Anonymous May 27, 2021

      Losing what now ??

      FYI – if you want to ‘win’ a debate, ( if that were even possible) you’d have to make a good point. Stating someone’s name is not much of an argument.

    • Anonymous May 30, 2021

      Kevin, Stuart, Bob. Names. Post as pointless as the starter.

  8. Anonymous May 27, 2021

    Whatever you say, Justine. Hahahaha 🤣😂

  9. Do these come with a rusty zipper or is this an option upgrade?

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