Weirdest Soap Bars You Can Actually Buy


Steering clear of conventional scents like lavender or jasmine, Whiskey River Soap Co. invites you to lather up with refreshing scents like Introverts, Awkward Moments, Hipsters, Midlife Crisis, Online Dating, and many more.


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  1. We need a soap that washes away stupidity… for commenters!

    • This comment is racist, mysoginist, sexist, masochist, homophobic, islamophobic, asianphobic, germophobic, and rattiphobic.

    • Not like you're a troll April 17, 2018

      Soap for when it smells like you live under a bridge

    • Word Burners Never Prosper April 17, 2018

      A censor(D), how charming.

    • I’d be ok with a virus that wipes them out, Lolfosor .

  2. B…buuu…bbbbuuuu…bbbbbuuuuttt….

    • So that’s why I stink

    • They just don’t need soap cause they don’t have to wash their hands off the blood of U.S. students and innocent civilians abroad like those murderous, gun-loving, fascistic rightists. Water is enough to keep a leftist clean.

  3. I have a bar of soap that smell like dirt. After a shower I’m never sure I’m clean.

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