Weirdest Band Photos Ever

39 thoughts on “Weirdest Band Photos Ever”

  1. Right after the 70s the 80s are the worst era.

  2. I used to like Oasis… but those Gallagher brothers really let themselves go… so sad.

  3. Did I see Stryper in there?

  4. Manowar is actually an awesome band. That picture is stupid tho, but check them out.

  5. I’m not really seeing any weirdness, save a couple of shots, like the short-pants leather outfits. I see a lot of fashion we think is pretty dumb today and a few odd-looking people.

  6. Max Webster was great! Woohoo!


  8. omg, I am so much into manowar from now

  9. Those are the weirdest you could find? You obviously aren’t into breakcore…

  10. I see Earth has been invaded by the Martannians. Bad lot those people. Exiled for bad style and bad music. They seem to fit right in with you Earthians. Well no need for us to come here. The Earth is spoilled now.

  11. Not bad; nice collection of 80`s Hair Metal, but just one Swedish dance band? Surely bands like Hick and Kuk- sugerz (which means exactly what you think) qualify for a list like this.

  12. 6th down is Kajagoogoo.

  13. Photos of Keith Richards and Steven Tyler would fit right in.

  14. The Max Webster is a little reminiscent of some old Genisis! Except I don’t think that guy in white shaved the front of his head on purpose! Probably some good music there. Just goes to show how styles change!

  15. Oasis got back together? Woohooo! On another note, I’m pretty sure I wore the heck out of a couple of those shirts. I’m not saying which ones tho.

  16. I’m sure Kim Mitchell loves this old shot.

  17. Flock of Seagulls in there. Nice.

    Loved Webster back in the day

  19. I am pretty sure that 2015 is the worst era for music.

  20. That may be. I meant that taste of fashion.

  21. Is this Joyce Meyer in the middle of The Faith Tones? ;)

  22. 4th one is Menudo, with Ricky Martin

  23. 3rd from bottom: Bogart co.

  24. Is that Flock of Seagulls? (5th from bottom)

  25. “Friendo” Chigurh. Last picture, 2nd from the right. ;)

  26. Think so, too. The picture wouldn’t give it away, but at least one of them was a professional hairdresser.

  27. 3rd from the bottom; Bogart from Finland. Singer made quite good solo career in the 90s( in local scale).

  28. Firrd from bottom is Finnish band…OMG!

  29. HAHAHAHAHA!!! very good.

  30. Somewhere I have a copy of Gary Glitters’ backing band The Glitter Band album. The album (and single) Angel Face is an awesome song. But never look at the cover with the band pic any longer than ten seconds. For your own sake! Lol

  31. 80’s is THE worst era for Fashion HANDS DOWN !

  32. I have that Max Webster album. It is an iconic Canadian classic.

  33. The women on the album cover of “Jesus Use Me.” look as if they’re made of plastic.

  34. They stuffed Flock of Seagulls in there too.

  35. Tu es mi Wonderwall!!!

  36. i just wanted to see if Manowar was pictured here. They are. I am pleased.

  37. i don’t know ANY of these, and i grew up in the 70s/80s! well, i didn’t always have my own radio and get many magazines

  38. better for me tho’-lol! even the labeled ones are unfamiliar

  39. the dazzlers might look a little bit strange, but they were a very good powerpop band; their album was produced by tommy ramone and some of the band members were in the 1st line up of the uk subs and one of them played drums for the clash’ during the “anarchy” tour…

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