Really Helpful Google Search Suggestions

14 thoughts on “Really Helpful Google Search Suggestions”

  1. My three nipples are all different sizes. Not unusual.

  2. We bin asking them same question for years.

  3. Google uses search history, visited sites and other data to help with search suggestions. So… there’s nothing wrong with Google, but there’s a lot wrong with this user.

  4. This is true. Google often suggests what has previously been searched.

  5. While this is true, Google does suggest stuff based on other users searches. I’ve never typed “canadian” on Google, and it still suggested me “why I can’t own a canadian”.

  6. Type “i hate when i” and see what happens yourself

  7. A lot of these are memes or movie quotes. “Why can’t I own a Canadian?” is a popular article that does an excellent job of mocking biblethumpers.

  8. Oh, ma! Your quotes never get old.

  9. Google uses search history, visited sites and other data to help with search suggestions. Not just your stuff, everyone’s. I play Path of Exile. In beta I tried a Google search “PoE wiki” and it came up with Edgar Allen Poe Wikipedia page as top item. Enter that phrase now and top search is Path of Exile wiki. Google doesn’t actually search when you press enter on a phrase. It has a massive, massive index of searches already done. So when you do a search it just looks that phrase up and returns the already done search, that’s why the “search” is so fast. A lot of smart tracking code, and Google bots scouring the web, help populate those indexed searches

  10. Like evw says: “Why can’t I own a Canadian?” is a reference to a much-read lampooning of “the Bible says it so we have to obey it” loons. (The actual source and background behind the piece appear to be contested, like just about everything floating around on the Internet, but it’s the content that matters.)
    If you think that sounds offensive… you’re precisely the person who should be reading it. Google and ye shall find!

  11. and here we see the dark side of google…..

  12. The “why’s a dead Pakistani on my couch” is actually a quote from a scene of Lost. All the others are insane.

  13. Dude…

  14. I tried to own a Canadian, but she said “No” when I got on one knee with a ring in my hand.

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