We Knew This Day Would Come


11 thoughts on “We Knew This Day Would Come”

  1. Sure, if cows have self awareness it would.

  2. Not as sad as this post made me.

  3. If God didn’t want us to eat cows, he wouldn’t have made them from cheeseburgers.

  4. “moomy” – hahahaha

  5. Maybe its not the burger making him sad. Maybe he is all alone. So very alone. And eating alone at ****monalds is very sad.

  6. this

  7. Usually they butcher the young animals, especially the young steers which they don’t really need. As they get older the meat gets tougher. Far more likely the babies would be taken.

  8. One of the older cows at a dairy used to moo so loudly at her calves while she was in the milking parlour my boots would vibrate.

  9. Bullocks.

  10. Omfg you took my idea D:<

  11. anyone notice that he is eating at “****monalds”

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