2018 vs. 2020

Nobody eats Tide pods anymore, old man.

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  1. Silly New-Yorkers, in the first 18 hours after that press conference, 30 people drank bleach and various other cleaning products. You are supposed to snort Drain-O, not drink bleach!

    On a serious note, the Dem mayor of New York and Nancy Pelosi trough February were encouraging people to go to Chinatown and to hug Chinese people. Direct call to action – eat in Chinatown, hug a Chinese. Coincidentally, New York/NJ area has as much deaths as the rest of the country combined.

  2. Aw look. It’s a fox news sheep. Now insult California and poor people. We know you can do it.

    Anything to keep you focused on something besides your incompetent leader. In February, he was telling us this was just a flu and that it would go away! (50,000 dead and counting. How’d that go?) He told people to drink bleach. FFS.

  3. Let me guess, 30 out of those 30 were republicans. As everybody else knows the guy can not be trusted on anything.

  4. I’m not an American, but it makes me happy that you will reeeeeee 4 more years at Trump. Every election recently ends up with half the country feeling occupied, like they lost a war and are living under a hostile invader. You will either split apart, or come back to the original idea of small government and individual freedoms. It doesn’t matter who the president is, if his budget is 0.01% of the GDP.

  5. “come back to the original idea of small government and individual freedoms.”

    Please tell us what country in the world follows this example? Do you know of any successful libertarian countries? (Small government and lots of individual freedoms.)

  6. Hugging ‘a Chinese’ is totally worse than drinking bleach!


  7. Hello

  8. WWII – Keep calm and carry on.

    Covid19 – Blame others and drink bleach.

    We’ve got such a great leader!

  9. Yeah. Blame Trump, that will make the virus go away. Call Republicans racist, that will make everyone vote for the next idiot you people call a candidate. Call Republicans Nazis, that will make you look so tolerant. (Two short history lessons: The KKK was founded by Democrats. The Nazi party was a socialist organization.)

  10. The woke crowd can only reeeeee on the Net. Can’t drag their asses to vote for a candidate with some good ideas and at least resembling a normal human being. Gabbard, Buttigieg and Yang got nothing, even their favorite Bernie got meager votes. And he did everything to encourage the “Movement” to go vote. Nope. It’s easier to complain and spew insults on the Net than do something about it. Insufferable whiny little brats.

    You want Trump? That’s how you get Trump.

  11. There is a huge difference between socialists and national-socialists. It is like saying republicans are socialists because they also use the color red.

  12. That’s a logical fallacy, Argumentum ad Populum, look it up. You would not accept a new idea as wrong, just because noone else has implemented it, right? Show me a country with totally green energy and 100% electric cars and no racial tension, and non-corruptable government, no crime, objective Media… No? So these goals are wrong then, we should not strive for them?

    Moreover, small government was implemented to a great success in the early decades of the United States. There are still some elements of it left, which make the US unique.

  13. Not really, William. In Eastern Germany, the wast majority of the Socialist party members turned National-Socialists after Hitler took power, killed the Socialist leaders and declared the party illegal. Then after the war, The Nazi leaders were killed and their party declared illegal, so the wast majority of rank-and-file joined the Socialist party. The difference is mainly in scope – national or international. National socialism was weak, lived only 12 years. International Socialism has been around for at least 100 years and is winning.

    It’s been a great fun recently to watch trolls quote some Hitler’s slogans on a Socialist forum or meeting and get an applause by the attendants. You can find such thigs on the Net, if you look enough.

  14. Trump did not say “drink bleach”. He did not say “drink disinfectant” or “stick a light bulb in your ass”. If winning an argument with a strawman in your head makes you happy, I can’t stop you. Enjoy.
    Pelosi did say “Come to Chinatown”. Literally and repeatedly. Also to eat in Chinatown. That’s a risky proposition even without a virus around. Chinese people who can afford it, don’t eat in Chinatown.

  15. “I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs.”

    You’re right. He was more specific about injecting. Totally safe. the ‘do something like that’ part lead people to drink some. I wonder if someone tried to breathe it in to get in the lungs. His statement was either terrible or extremely terrible. If you disagree, you are in denial.

    Your comments on Chinatown show your racist disposition. I love to go to chinatown to eat. Not risky at all. They said that in February, when it wasn’t much of a risk to go out anywhere and that’s when trump told us it was going to go away and disappear. How’d that turn out?

  16. I looked it up. I’m not talking about what many people believe, I am talking about what systems have been successfully implemented.

    For example, I could give you a huge list of all the countries that have successfully implemented socialized medicine. ( cost less and are more effective than in the U.S. It’s pretty much all other first world countries BTW.) That is a great indicator that it can be successfully done somewhere.

    So I asked you for an example, that would be an excellent indicator that it can be done successfully. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, just less likely. I never mentioned perfect. Is there even an example where it’s 25% of the way there? In some countries in Europe, drugs and prostitution are legal, but they have socialized medicine, and lots of environmental and gun regulations. Is that any better? There were hardly any people (or police, or government) in the country in the early decades of the U.S., so we can’t really use that for a good example. So far, it’s the only example any libertarian has given me. I don’t think it applies today, but if we tried it, we’d have kids working overtime in mines, or we’d give them heavy drugs when they had coughs. There were slaves making the country run too….

  17. Yeah, change the subject. That’s all you can really do when there is no logical way to defend Trump and the G.O.P.

    Trump said there were ‘good people on both sides’…. one of the sides was a white nationalist rally. (roughly the KKK by a different name. Are you going to tell me that about half of them are democrat? Lots of trump hats there….) ‘sh*thole countries’ ‘Chinese virus’. People who say racists things get called racists.

  18. Funny how the GOP faithful seem to forget how they acted for 8 years when Obama was in charge.

    Remember that time that Obama said a problem was going to go away and didn’t prepare for it, and it ended up killing 50,000 people?

    You shouldn’t be surprised or take it personal when someone complains.

  19. Remember all those times the presidents, leaders of the free world, said “The free press is the enemy of the people”?

    Look it up. They were all highly respected people, I’m sure.

    BTW – There is no difference between a free press and fake news. If you have the freedom to print anything, some people will print something false. It’s the way our country has always been. People who support a small government should know that.

  20. The only party allowed in eastern Germany during the nazi period was the nazi party and the only party allowed after ‘liberation’ by the Russians was the communist party. That leaves people with political ambitions little choice. Nazis and socialists were arch enemies, fighting each other literally to death.

  21. Thanks for the replies, really! I see your reasoning, coming from your own experience, sources of information, personality, and biases. My beliefs are based, of course, on my experience, sources of information, personality, and biases. You get my point? No way anything good will come of arguing more. Waste of time for all involved. Most of you are young, American and leaning left. I’m old, East European who remembers Communism from my youth, and leaning right.

    If we spend weeks discussing everything here, going back to the founding of the US and trough Germany in the 1930s and 40s… Obama’s presidency, the Sharlottesville demonstrations, the “Chinese virus” thing, socialized medicine… what else… Libertanian ideas, children’s working conditions in the 18th century, slavery, racism… also… New York’s uniquely severe situation with COVID-19 among the other big cities in America…

    How do you see this debate going on? Exactly. Especially with the bad intent of SOME of you, who twist words out of context, assume that I hate the Chinese people, and love to fight strawmen. So let’s not waste more electrons and preserve our sanity, whatever is left of it :)

  22. There was no East Germany before Nazi Germany. Get some history lessons.

  23. You obviously drank too much wodka in your youth. All I see here is brain damage typical for the lost generation in Eastern Europe. Let me tell you that from someone sober and older than you.

  24. Funny how people who live in a country where you can go to jail for a Facebook post, a country with no go zones and accepted child marriages has so much criticism and advise for other countries. Maybe they have just given up on their own countries knowing that they are over.

  25. Which country would that be, Fantasia?

  26. No, Britain, France hell pretty much all the EU. Our news might suck but we’re not you guys yet so we get story after story about your problems. Lying or pretending its not true doesn’t make it go away. Britain has no go zones. France has no go zones. Facts. You CAN go to jail over a Facebook in Britain and in France. Facts. Both countries allow cultural marriages, Islamic marriage to children, to take place. Fact. So go a head and start lying, say its not true. But we both know. Facts. Everybody knows.

  27. Ah, you still watch propaganda stations for your daily brain wash.
    * Your ambassador (R) to the Netherlands famously claimed that country has no-gone zones, but later retracted that statement as unfounded.
    * You can get punished for harassing people in real life or by letter, so why should this be any different when using facebook?
    * A simple look at wikipedia shows that the minimum age for marriage in the UK is 18, or 16 with parental / judicial consent. Same in France. In the USA, however, 13 states have no minimum age.

  28. @Anonymous. Your house is built on a throne of lies. Are you sure you aren’t Hillary Clinton?

  29. @The Good German
    There was no East Germany until 1949.
    There hasn’t been an East Germany since 1990.

  30. No, I am not living in the white house.

  31. This wasn’t the real Truthgiver. It was a fake.

  32. It’s good you can go into jail over a facebook. Think before you posts. Get some manners. Don’t hurt others. Then no jail for you.

  33. Molesting, defamating and mobbing people via facebook should be punishable everywhere.

  34. Hello, fake Truthgiver. That’s what he said. You are so dumb.

  35. People like Jack can’t distinquish between believe and facts. What he feels is his reality. He can’t see the real world.

  36. Trump isn’t attacking fake news. He is attacking the free press.

  37. He is attacking that part of the free press that exposes him for what he really is, an airhead with a big mouth. Just like he attacks congressional oversight, IGs, intelligence services, whistle blowers and so on.

  38. Right, no free speech. That way we can lie about the no go zones in our countries while our daughters get raped. Reeeeee we’re so progressive we cat stand ourselves. Becareful what you wish for.

  39. You do not want to understand, do you? Free speech yes, but that does not give you the right to harass people. Tweet “Free this week, for quick gossip/prep” before I go and destroy America” and CBP will reject you entry to the USA..

  40. I understand perfectly. Your feels are not more important then other peoples rights. Words are not violence. You can’t Say, Free speech But, you can’t say this or that. If you start thinking like that pretty soon your England or some other God Forsaken Euro Trash Hell hole.

  41. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to freely accuse others without consequences to yourself. There are laws against slander, defamation, death threats and the like.

  42. Comment…dope

  43. In the US we have the first amendment, protected by the second amendment. I can only speak for us Americans. Your definition of free speech is what ever your country allows. Ours is a right, and will never change try as the Left might. Yours is a different system then ours so I’m not sure why you have your panties in a bunch over what other countries do. Try using that time to correct the problems in YOUR country.

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