Gallery of Hilarious Toilet Graffiti



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob August 30, 2016

    Joe Bob here… Bubba says that his outhouse needs some decoratin’ . This gives him some ideas. Mebbe he’ll copy some of these sayings down and paint ’em on his walls.

    • BabyPuncher August 30, 2016

      You’re going to vandalize things that aren’t yours with quotes you didn’t write to impress people taking shits?

    • Bubba and Joe Bob August 31, 2016

      Hey Baby, meebe if you was to read it again, you’d see wrightn’ stuff down on the walls is gonna happen in MY outhouse. I dont got it open fer public use. I don’t care what other folks read while doing their business in public places.

  2. TorExitNode40 August 31, 2016

    Seen in a wooden outhouse 45 years ago on a remote mountain trail.
    Over the sht hole 6 inches from the ceiling.
    “No use standing, the crabs can jump 6 feet”.

  3. Cats > Bathroom vandalization

  4. Why are you looking up here? The joke is in your hand!

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