Son Asks Dad Not To Wave At Him In Front Of School Bus, Regrets Doing It For Next 170 Days

Rain Price of American Fork, Utah was at the beginning of his sophomore school year and his first time riding the school bus so in true embarrassing parent-style his dad Dale waved him off. Horrified, he begged his dad to never do it again. Not only did the father continued to wave his son goodbye, he also decided to send him off dressed in funny costumes for 170 straight school days

24 thoughts on “Son Asks Dad Not To Wave At Him In Front Of School Bus, Regrets Doing It For Next 170 Days”

  1. How much did he spend on all those costumes?

  2. I wish he was my dad.

  3. Would a pirate have been too obvious?

  4. Prolly not much. You can get such stuff off wish and alibaba for than a bottle of milk.

  5. Mow the lawn.

  6. He even gave up his leg to make a joke, that’s commitment!

  7. He’s an A Hole

  8. A Jerk that’s using his kid to get attention. Look at me! Look at me!

  9. Yeah, he should have just “went to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back” like all the good dads do.

  10. What a wonderful Dad to do all this for the love of his son. Kudos to him. I hope the son appreciates all the time and work involved in this was not to humiliate him. I’m sure the rest of the bus looked forward to what he would do the next day.

  11. For this comment you are labeled as an B hole

  12. Bravo Mr Price. What fun. The son will tell that story for the rest of his life. But only after he graduates school…LOL

  13. Well done. Very creative. And they say good parenting is dead.

  14. This is a dad with humor… nice!

  15. Good enough reason to have kids, to be able to do this to them!

  16. What a great memory for the boy and the dad. Awesome!

  17. LOL at the couch potatoes judging this guy.

  18. I wonder how many of the kids started to look forward each morning to see what he would come up with this day.

  19. Super cool. Undoubtedly helped his pudgy, pretty unattractive son gain some cred.

  20. Why? I don’t get it.

  21. Now there is a child that probably still pees the bed and wakes up screaming in the middle of the night.

  22. Zero.

  23. great dad! some of these mooks on here making negative comments probly dont know where their kids go all day. their kids will grow up never knowing dad or caring abt him

  24. probably not his son, has two legs

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