Cooking Pro Tip

8 thoughts on “Cooking Pro Tip”

  1. Some Leftist got a Government grant to research this, right?!

  2. That’s genius! I’m going to use this life hack from now on!

  3. It’s a conservative theory. Like flat earth, 6000yr-old earth and moon landing hoax. Trump approved it and has ordered to double the US frozen boiled water reserves. US has the greatest frozen boiled water reserves. They are the best frozen boiled water reserves in the world. True story.

  4. I once met a guy who said he was a Trump supporter and that he believed sexual abuse of women was wrong.

    I knew he was lying about one of those things I just didn’t know which.

    Have you stopped abusing women Kauf?

  5. When did you stop beating your “wife”/”husband”, Reality/Dat?
    p.s. I hope your tomatoes are growing this year!

  6. this is how they cook spaghetti outside of italy
    which explains why they are better in Italy.

  7. Trump would make Italy a better country, if he had not won a second term here

  8. Did you now, that hot water freeze faster than cold one ;)

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