Excellent Newspaper Ad Placement



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  1. XD must be the Kauf buch marketing

    • It seems a regular thing on how liberal brain works: can’t discuss via logic, then just creates labels over and over to shut down who doesn’t agree with.
      Your 2 neurons might feel quite lonely.

  2. gobsmacked scientist February 20, 2018

    I’ve seen a similar thing in a local newspaper, there was on the cover news about a mugger killed a random person on the street, and under that there was an ad with big statement “You are next!”

  3. News 9 English Is Not a Requirement February 20, 2018

    Was she dead in the closet for 2 days?
    Was he dressed in her outfit while dead for 2 days?
    Was her husband named Joanne?
    Is Wardrobe not a closet but a trans dimensional state where our physics do not apply?

  4. That is probably the highest example of grief known to humankind when you post five heartbroken emojis. Oh, the lamentations, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth!

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