Guy Spends a Fortune to Look Like Kim Kardashian

23-year-old British man Jordan James Parke is a huge Kim Kardashian fan. He has spent over $150,000 on cosmetic procedures to transform himself into his idol.

40 thoughts on “Guy Spends a Fortune to Look Like Kim Kardashian”

  1. I just… I … I can’t. I just can’t right now. Why would ANYONE do this to themselves?!

  2. The guy is obviously unhinged to some degree…wow.

  3. OK, I surrender. Bring back the cats, the russians, Nicholas Cage, hipsters, russian hipster cats with cagefaces, anything. Just not this.

  4. yuck

  5. I can.

  6. Never go Full Retard… oh, wait… Too Late!

  7. Just another example of why we Brits are considered so classy.

  8. These pictures actually fit the hashtag better: #BreakTheInternet

  9. Things like this make you get to be thankful for having a brain AND using it.. How Kim Kardashian can be anyone’s ‘idol’, I don’t know.
    Nothing interesting here.

  10. Its coming right at us.

  11. Well that was dumb

  12. Those fabulous eyebrows are tattooed on.

  13. looks like you can press him onto a glass and he’ll just hang there. . my god, has he no one to bounce off ideas with and they tell him noooo!?

  14. At least he put his money into economy. The plastic surgeons probably laugh all the way to the bank. Good for them!

  15. His neck tattoo… Its grammar is sooo good -_- doesn’t anyone proofread stuff or atleast say it aloud anymore.

  16. dear Odin, this is terrible.
    Also.. why Kardashian? The cheapest emptiest hen of them all? Why noone makes plastic ops to look like Einstein or Neils Bohr

  17. I cn neva do such a thing!! Woooooh!! Disgusting

  18. His parents must be so proud!

  19. Nice

  20. Nailed it!!!

  21. One dinner table conversation with a child can change their life. I wonder what this mutant’s parents said.

  22. if oBOMBa had a son…


  24. HEY! Is Kim K on Chemo or something? WTF happened to her hair??? Hahahaha….

  25. Who decided lips that look like my ******* are attractive?

  26. So where exactly is the 150k? All I see is some ink, two fat injections and a massive injection of stupid.

  27. North West is that you?

  28. Shhhhh.

  29. WTF!!!

  30. I wonder if he thinks he looks like her now. Someone should follow up with an interview. Find him Brits! Find this man and ask…politely of course. We do not want to make him cry.

  31. What a “Baffoon”

  32. Looks more like a baboon.. oh actually they both do..

  33. Kim, is that you?

  34. Oh…how sad that anyone would think so little of themselves.

  35. it

  36. The real cockney

  37. I suppose that’s one way to compensate for premature male pattern baldness.

  38. he either has no friends, or they hate him, or he’s just insane with $150k lying around.

  39. What I want to know is how this freak got his hands on $150,000 in the first place.

  40. weird people doing stupid thing and said that it is their nature. puihh!!! Totaly lame people

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