Wake-Up Call Meme: This Hotel Provides an Excellent Service

How to distinguish a bad hotel from a good hotel? A good hotel provides wake-up calls that not just tell you when to get out of bed, but really wakes you up.

Hi, I'm in room 326. I'd like to order a wake-up call. OK. Your wife is very close to leaving you and you're a joke to your coworkers.

13 thoughts on “Wake-Up Call Meme: This Hotel Provides an Excellent Service”

  1. Give it up, EatLiver, she’s not coming back.

  2. Your political parties are playing Dinner For Smucks to see which can get the biggest buffoon elected. Your wife is having an affair with your baby sister. Your internet honey is really 700lbs and 85yrs old. Skip the convention and go home, Horology isn’t what you thought…

  3. The Republican party is Pootin’s grasp on America’s democracy. You were afraid of Russian communists all the time when it is Russian nazis you should fear the most.

  4. Most of the so called “alt-right” reps are actually Russian agents. There is no digital footprint though because years ago the FSB changed back to documentation on typewriters. Clever. Trump and the destruction of America was planned long ago.

  5. I don’t live or vote in the US but I know ALL about the people there, just ask me. I’m obsessed with them

  6. Excellent deflection from a truthfull post. Well done, comrade.

  7. No deflection. Fact. If Canadians spent 1% of the time they spend worry about other countries politics on seeing what’s happening in their own country they would realize they are in no position to judge criticize any country. Lecture yourselves on political failure.

  8. If you say so, Igor. It must be true. In Russia that is, not anywhere else. Спасибо.

  9. Unacceptable Views. Reeeee!

  10. You have been marked as an unfriendly user.

  11. Of course! Speaking the truth gets you censored. Shocker.

  12. It’s only just you and no one else, sorry!

  13. Everyone else is lying 🤥

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