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This seat is exclusive for disabled people...


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  1. Everybody took the short bus to the polls this year…

  2. It’s not that they are handicapped, they are just watching too much propaganda and following the liar on twitter.

    • They are mentally handicapped if they can not figure that one out and vote orange.

  3. Wei Tu Long November 3, 2020

    Demodouches were wearing helmets and their favorite color is clear.

    • haha... no. November 4, 2020

      Douches? Are you still in middle school, cause you sure sound like it.

  4. Forget Google or Facebook, they should break up the Democrat and Republican monopolies.

    • How?

      I think we’d need some kind of super popular celebrity running as an independent to pull it off. Republicans tend to hate anyone from Hollywood and NBA players. Tom Brady?? hmm….

  5. Voting machines down in GA and PA. Poll observers not allowed into polling stations in heavy Trump areas. If Biden wins we KNOW what happened. And then you civil war fans might get one.

    • I’ve been to several news sites today. No mention of problems, only that things are actually not too bad. (Many of us were expecting it to be pretty terrible. It’s not.)

      So have you been reading propaganda, or just trying to spread it?

      BTW – The civil war fans are the boogaloo, and they are extreme right wing.

  6. It isn’t possible to get the truth on any news site anymore. Its all fake. I’m here in PA and our machines are have been down for hours. Thosands unable to vote. BLM, burn loot murder and antifa don’t exist. All the major cities are boarded up because of the right wing protesters. Haha. Just keep your head in the sand. But things might get real in the US damm fast.

    • Just lok for “Life Is Worth Losing – Dumb Americans – George Carlin” on YouTube.

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