Vlad The Impaler Discovers Marshmallows


9 thoughts on “Vlad The Impaler Discovers Marshmallows”

  1. Too bad it will be a couple of centuries later that graham cracker are invented. He could have had a thing going for him.

  2. Time to go camping

  3. i dont get it

  4. Vlad liked impaling stuff, marshmallows were born to be impaled. It is the most perfect marriage of function.

  5. Forgive the multiple posts. Does anyone else have to use the stupid Citrix hub for work? If yes, how does one prevent the surprise pop-ups while one is doing other stuff on their phone? Putting it to sleep doesn’t seem to work.

  6. This is how “minimal effort” looks like.

  7. Never mind. The multiple posts disappeared. Still, if anyone can answer the Citrix question I would be grateful enough to not engagement with them for, say, a month.

  8. Lol i guess most don’t know what citrix is

  9. HA! this is brilliant.

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