What Would You Do In His Place?

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do In His Place?”

  1. This was a campaign by some Christian churches to try and get young people to go to church to see what it’s all about.

  2. What would *I* do?
    Well, if I were MOHAMMED,
    I’d wish Jesus were a little baby GIRL,
    so I would MARRY her at the age of 6
    and CONSUMMATE the “marriage” at the age of 9…

  3. Its really sad how this site goes after Christianity just about every day, but they are scared shitless to say anything about animalistic- mooslimes!
    Must be run by a bunch of snow flakes in a basement, trying to make money off of the adds!

  4. Yes, because everything the quran said actually literally happened. Exactly like in the bible of course.

  5. Yalla Clown, learn about what the quran COMMANDS of thier “faithful.”
    (to paraphrase one example: copy the acts of mohammed)
    But PLEASE: go and TELL as many muslims as you see that YOU DON’T BELIEVE that their mohammed married Aisha at the age of six and consummated the “marriage” 3 years later.
    Let them bring your head back on a plate so you can tell me I’m wrong.

  6. Right, right, like how the Bible (2 Chronicles) says to put to death anyone who would not seek the Lord, and Leviticus is basically a whole book of who should be killed how and why. The Quran is TOTALLY the only violent religious text out there.

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