Awkward Classic Japanese Movie Monsters



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  1. egg_flied_lice July 27, 2018

    Why on Earth do the parents let kids watch this crap?

    • Personally I’d rather have them watching this rather than something like keeping up with the Kardasian’s…..just saying

    • Yeah, let them watch Teletubbies, Simpsons, Rick and Morty and Spongebob Squarepants. They are so much healthier for them.

      Hopefully you understand the irony of this comment.

    • DigUpSkulls July 31, 2018

      You must not have grown up in the 70s early 80s. This is what was on in those days.

    • What’s wrong with Sponge Bob?

  2. No Godzirah?

    • It’s Gojira in Japanese, and the first photo is Mechagodzilla.

  3. What the hell is wrong with the Japanese!

    • Two nukes

    • @SpareCat: Not funny!

      @Ylerdod: So it is okay to watch movies with grown people walking in Latex costumes and masks, but it is wrong to wear monstercostumes?

    • I was being glib, I don’t think it’s funny.

      But if you want to discuss the effects that two nukes being dropped on a rigidly organised society based on class, religion and worship of the ruling class. At war and willing to sacrifice their people for every inch of ground suddenly discovering nukes. Sure, this is the place to do it.

      It’s not the wrong answer, it’s just the painfully obvious one.

  4. I doubt most of these are from movies. But just in case :

    Cats > Monsters > Poorly made monstersuits > Scab > Dogs

    • Dogs over cats and yes, THIS I S WAAAAARRRR!

    • Wtf. Dogs are one thing. But a dogman? Dogmen? Get out. No one will take your seriously. Just saying.

      Catmen, catwomen… even the catchildren > Dogmen > Anakin > Sand > Dogs

    • Yeah, you are right, Cartman!

  5. Found some of my colleagues pictured here.

  6. Whoever made this post misspelled ‘awesome’.

  7. Ultraman!!!! Ultrashult!!!

  8. Some SJW Idiot July 29, 2018

    Landlord is a sexist Trump loving, Mohammedan hating. straw sucking San Fran Opioid syringe injecting bas turd because Mothra was not included. I’m done with Eatliver. Where do you live so I can protest in front of your house.

    • Concerned July 30, 2018

      Maybe, JUST maaaaaybe the Landlord is a secret Mothra fan and would NEVER put it under the title “Awkward”

  9. Low budget, low tech, but creative. I still love those miniature cities. Build with passion.

  10. Pee Wee Herman July 30, 2018

    Most of the Japanese movies I see have big pixels on parts of the screen.

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