Vegetarianism Is Murder!



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  1. Plant Liberation Organization December 8, 2014

    Salad is murder!

  2. Rock is Dead! December 8, 2014

    Rock had to die for you to become a lithophag pica!

  3. Joke is one everyone. Some star died so the iron, calcium and such it fusion-ed could allow us to exist. If you eat you support star death.

    • ? Whether you eat or not that star I going to die anyway so the joke’s on everything in existence.

  4. If meat is murder than vegetables and fruits are more like abortion

  5. Try it and see what happens.

  6. Actually, if the lettuce was wilted and brown and slimy THEN it’d be dead. THAT lettuce is still alive. Vegetarians are monsters, at least I kill my food before I eat it.

  7. Anonymous June 16, 2022

    So one lettice died. How many have to die to feed a pig so you can eat meat?

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